Our Story

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The Hurrell name has been associated with excellence in business since the beginnings of European settlement in New Zealand and the first settlers in both Wellington and Christchurch who were merchants and cabinet makers.

To the early days of Rouse and Hurrell, Carriage builders of Courtenay Place, Wellington, who, among other achievements, won the contract to build and furnish the Wellington Cable Cars in 1904. The ones with the seats on the side.

They continued in this business until the early 1910, at which time they moved from horse drawn carriages to motor, importing Model T Fords into New Zealand under the name of the Colonial Motor Company.

My grandfather, continued the tradition opening and running a cabinet making business in the Wellington region, employing a number of staff and which continued to operate until his death.

My father too was the managing director of ventures including the agriculture and retail industries

Taking up the Challenge

With this history in mind, it is not surprising then that I too have struck out to provide top quality service to my customers. My cabinetmaking and carpentry skills are however restricted to hobbies and DIY, however some of the skills and knowledge is transferable to my business, especially “measure twice, cut once”, or get it right the first time.

Having worked with various industries, I was acutely aware that business risk and investigations management could not be a one size fits all.  Simply taking an international standard or process and imposing that on a business may give you some breathing space, but is not the best outcome for the business. 

To provide maximum return on investment, we work with you to learn what your business is, where your crime risks are going to come from and then formulate policies, procedures and approaches that will meet your needs.

Similarly, with our investigation work, we start with the end in mind, gathering all relevant, factual information to determine key players, root cause analysis and what risk treatments can be utilised to improve business processes and security.


From the moment we are engaged,  we work with you and your team to understand and implement the best solution for your business.  We will structure our fees to meet your needs, whether on an hourly, daily, or project basis. 

Our extensive global small business network or risk and investigation specialists includes, but is not limited to, analytical scientists; digital forensic specialists; open sources media investigations specialists, and your more traditional investigators and risk specialists operating around the world.

Talk the talk and Walk the walk

Hurrell Consulting has over three decades experience investigating or managing risks so  we have seen most crimes and events that occur to or within businesses of all sizes.

Ongoing training through tertiary institutions and specialist associations further enhances this with requirements to provide proof of our ongoing commitment to professional development in our areas of expertise as well as an ethical training component.

Added to that are awards from industry bodies and our peers as Investigators of the Year and Risk Managers for the Year in Australasia.