The ability to sort the wheat from the chaff has always been an important part of any investigation companies capabilities. At Hurrell Global  we have access to leading technology which enables us to conduct Deep Web Open Source Investigations, extracting information from all social media and relevant commercial databases, including worldwide company and cargo and shipping data across the globe.

The software allows cross-matching of small scraps of information to unravel complex company structures and serious crime around the world. It ha successfully identified well in excess of three quarters of a billion US dollars of hidden assets in the past twelve months.

The software can also perform Network Atmospherics and Monitoring, or more simply "geofencing" of any area in order to identify open source social media feeds which may hint at unrest, criminal activity or anti-company sentiment following an event, such as unhappy insurance clients after a catastrophe event. This tool can "geofence"  a single address, street, town or state, staying in place as long as the client requires it.

This system can digest, sort and match large tracts of information in a way that would take human analysts months or years to complete.  As an example, it was recently tested with one name from an ongoing investigation by a law firm.  The law firm had collated a raft of evidence connecting various people and companies over a space of two years.  The software had 90% of the same information in chart form within 48 hours.  

Similarly a 2-hour investigation using this software provided conclusive evidence sufficient for  one global insurer to avoid a $500,000.00 claim at a cost of less than $1000.00 in investigation costs.  This type of investigation is also useful for providing insurers comfort in paying a large claims.

The information obtained is bespoke to a clients requirements and has been used to great effect in large indemnity insurance claims where untangling associations between individuals and on and off-shore companies was critical to the claim.

The information provided is presented in chart form, similar to and able to be overlayed on a typical I2 Analyst Notebook associations chart.  The work supplied is audit-able and has been presented as evidence in UK, US and French courts.

Current uses include:

  • Corporate risk reviews
  • Fraud and security audits
  • Corporate investigations
  • Criminal investigations or reviews
  • Insurance claim investigations
  • Insurance risk underwriting
  • Probity checks
  • Enhanced due diligence on senior executive appointments
  • Insurance subrogation matters
  • Personal track and trace
  • Investigative journalism support
  • Cyber investigation and security
  • Strategic threat assessments
  • Exposure to legal action, both civil and criminal

Contact us to discuss your requirements and we can provide you with an overview of how we may assist.

Legal Note: Our practices are at all times ethical and professional, all information is gathered from open-sources only. We do not and will not break into social media accounts or data sets, nor do we create false relationships with social media users or holders of information for that purpose.