Ensuring the safety and security of your employees, work sites and assets has never been more important in today’s world.

The way that we as businesses work is changing, and allowing employees the flexibility to work remotely, while offering numerous benefits for business and employee, does create some new challenges in the security and business continuity/crisis management space. Out of sight must never include out of mind, especially for your lone or remote workforce members and in some cases their families.

We specialise in an ISO 31000/2018 risk-based approach to the development of security frameworks, policies and procedures for businesses of all sizes, in doing so we ensure that our clients get reality based assessments that identify the key risks and requirements for that business, industry and country.

We have been engaged in the review of large corporate, local government and retail sites across New Zealand. This has included the design and management of aggressive customer behaviour training for front line retail and mobile employees.

Our services include assessments and review in line with the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act 2015 and the Government Protective Security requirements and we are aligned with Health and Safety practitioners, enabling us to look create or review your Health and Safety requiremtnts.

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