It is hard enough to turn a good profit in today's market without having internal and external criminals stealing from you and your company.  Being resilient to these risks need not cost more than the event itself.  

To many organisations have no frameworks, or have failed to embed and promote a strong risk culture in their business models. They have failed to plan and protect themselves from these risks, resulting in loss and failure that should have been avoided.

The team at Hurrell Consulting can provide the following strategies and services to you

  • Fraud Risk Control Frameworks - Policies, procedures and management guidelines
  • Anti-money laundering compliance audits and assessments
  • Anti-bribery and corruption audits and best practices
  • Comprehensive financial crime risk assessment software
  • Design and delivery of company policy and operational standards
  • Enhanced due diligence for all customers, employees and vendors 
  • Board and C-suite awareness presentations
  • Staff, vendor and customer awareness and resilience training
  • Litigation Support and review.