Knowing who you are employing, or doing business with in today's fast paced world is vitally important. Hurrell Consulting, using a mix of technology based and standard investigation techniques,  are ready to assist you in the following areas

  • Due diligence on potential business associates - including China and Latin American based investigations
  • Recovering missing monetary assets
  • Anti- money laundering or terrorism compliance
  • Enhanced global pre-merger due diligence
  • Review of company associations to the Panama Paper
  • Employee risk reviews - background checks on your senior roles and high risk positions
  • Vendor and provider risk evaluations
  • Provide visualization through link associations provided in charting and mapping

Our due-diligence has unearthed organised crime links to proposed business partners; unearthed money and property associated to large scale frauds and thefts; provided.  

A law firm client requested a review of a matter they had been investigating for two-years.  From a single name and address, within 48 hours we were able to unearth 95 percent of the same information they had collated in 24 months.